Worst Rap Battle Ever

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Worst Rap Battle Ever

Worst Rap Battle Ever! Or is it the best? Watch the video below to decide. Who is the best rapper? Well if you ask Eli he would tell you “I’m da best man. I did it.” then he would have what looks like a spiritual experience. After Eli spoke these words he was lifted up to the plain of enlightenment. You have never seen a rap battle like this before. Some might call this the worst rap battle ever but others call it the greatest rap battle of all times. Eli destroyed what everything anyone thought they knew about rappin. He flipped the world of hip hop upside down. He loses the battle in this video but he won the war. It’s like when America dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, it stopped everything. Witness this historic event by watching the video below of what is arguably the worst rap battle ever. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and decide for yourself was this the worst rap battle ever? Or was it the greatest rap battle of all time? You decide and let the world know what you think below.


Worst Rap Battle Ever



If you want to see more about Eli watch the documentary of Eli Porter below.  This two part documentary gives an inside look of how Eli Porter rose to become the best man.  The documentary will help you understand exactly what happened in the rap battle.  It is so mind blowing the documentary had to be two parts to make sure that everything was properly explained.


Eli Porter Documentary (Part 1 of 2)


Eli Porter Documentary (Part 2 of 2)



Eli Porter Tosh.O Web Redemption

Watch Eli Porter on Tosh.O for his web redemption. Here is is with Skylar Grey at the top of his game!

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