Garbage Dolphin Rides

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Garbage Dolphin Rides

Don’t you love those little quarter machines at the store with the different animals on them that kids can ride? Who doesn’t right? Don’t you wish they would come out with some new themes though? Well now they have! Garbage dolphin rides offers kids a new flavor of ride. It is the right that can teach your kids that pollution can still be fun! Wait that doesn’t seem right…What is the point of garbage dolphin rides? They tried to make a ride teach you a lesson right? I think that is what they were going for. But even though the theme is sad the ride will still be fun. So when the child gets off the ride they are going to feel happy when they see a dolphin trapped in garbage. These garbage dolphin rides sure don’t make any sense to me.


Garbage Dolphin Rides – Teach That Pollution Is Bad…I Think


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