Angry Grandpa Show

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Looking for some good YouTube videos?  Look no further.  The Angry Grandpa Show is sure to entertain with you.


The Angry Grandpa Show is a YouTube channel that follows the craziness of a family, namely a son and father.  The son follows his father around with a camera and sometimes plays pranks on him.


His father has bipolar disorder and flies off the handle at the drop of a hat.  His son, or Pickleboy (Pickleboy has his own channel called “KidBehindACamera” which shows more his perspective of the Angry Grandpa videos as well as his own videos), while he plays lots of pranks on his father that can set him off, lots of the time he doesn’t have to do anything and his father goes nuts and starts yelling, swearing, throwing things, breaking things and more.


Check out “The Angry Grandpa Show” YouTube channel and “Kid Behind A Camera”


Enjoy a few of my favorite Angry Grandpa moments below!


Angry Grandpa Show – Diet Coke & Mentos Explosion Prank


Angry Grandpa Show – Poor Mans Lasagna


Angry Grandpa Show – Little Ceasars Bacon Wrapped Pizza

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